Take a Bench, Enjoy the Sun

Some Brevard County visitors — and even many locals — never make it to our wonderful wildlife areas.

There are plenty of distractions here at the beach, no denying. But those who don’t visit are missing out on two of the jewels of our region, both offering very different takes on the natural beauty of the region.

our county and state parks take great pride and visitors regard them as something really quite special.

At any park you’ll have the opportunity to step back in time and see undeveloped maritime forests that haven’t changed much for millennia. The roller coasters and cotton candy will be there waiting for you, so why not consider exploring the Space Coasts’s really wild side.

In addition to our wonderful County and State Parks, the Space Coast is loaded with city parks offering everything from organized sporting events, to live oceanfront rock ‘n’ roll! In Brevard County and North Brevard County, you can enjoy state-of-art facilities for soccer baseball, softball, tennis and much more. At our State Parks you’ll get back to nature along hiking trails, undeveloped oceanfront and educational nature centers. You’ll enjoy a wide variety of live music out under the stars. In between, almost every community of the Space Coast has dozens of parks, some small with just a bench or two, and others quite large with well-maintained playgrounds. The beach will always take top billing along the Space Coast, but our many parks come in a close second.

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