Brevard’s Museums and Art Galleries bring culture to the masses

In addition to being a picturesque seaside destination, the Space Coast is also home to several venues where fine visual art is on display throughout the year. From handmade work by local artists, to exhibits by renowned painters, photographers, and sculptors from all over the world, a wonderful variety of artwork awaits visitors and locals looking to explore the area’s creative side.

A visit to a museum should be on everyone’s to do list when venturing into a new city. In fact, it should be part of everyone’s to do list when simply exploring their own neighborhood, as well.

Although major metropolitan areas come to mind when discussing museums , Brevard County is not far behind in becoming a beacon for those who enjoy a bit of cultural enrichment with their vacations.

When it comes to art, for example, the Space Coast has a number of well-renowned galleries and artists. Please explore this list and then explore Brevard!

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