Ahh, the Space Coast. So named because of the our biggest passion … SPACE! The COAST is 60 miles of wide, safe, beautiful, sandy beaches. With all there is to do along Cocoa Beach, visitors regularly report that the top reason they visit the Space Coast is for the beach itself. With millions coming annually, it’s a good thing Space Coast beaches remain friendly and safe, clean and inviting. Early-morning beach walkers enjoy year-round quiet times as the sun rises over the Atlantic Ocean, and late-night strollers, flashlights in hand, marvel at the spectacular moonrises and the haunting effect of a nighttime visit. Mid-day, especially in the summer months, the beach takes on a new energy while families and singles, young and old, relish in America’s favorite pastime. Here’s a look at some of our favorite things to do on the beach:

Beach Games

Little has changed since visitors first began to vacation at the beach. The bathing suits have become a bit more revealing, but fun in the sun has always meant playtime. Frisbee, Volleyball, Bocce Ball, and playing catch with a football or baseball remain tops in beach gaming, but a few new kids on the block may be here to stay: Ladderball, Frisbee Golf, Cornhole and new favorites show up each summer. Enjoy!

Body Boarding/Surfing

Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world!” The Beach Boys first sang that line in the 1960s as America’s surfing craze kicked into high gear. No surfboard? No problem. You can get much the same experience by grabbing a body board at the closest beachwear store for $5-10 and good swimmers can even master the art of body surfing — using your body to surf the front of a wave. Cocoa Beach is the Small Wave Capital of the World.

Building a Sandcastle

Large or small, simple or complex, few activities can surpass the simple joy of building a sandcastle on the Space Coast. Though the art of building sandcastles is often lost on adults, occasionally some big kid,” will be seen working on a monster. Professional sandcastle builders visit the Cocoa Beach for competitions and amaze with artistic and engineering skills. Try building one yourself, you know you want to, and it’s free!


Beachcombers have long scoured the sand for that one perfect shell, but along the Space Coast it can be tricky; it’s all in timing. Go early before all the best shells are gone, and at low tide you’ll have more sand to sift through. After storms and during full moons, when tides are stronger, the shelling may be better. Keep your eye peeled for the not so rare, but hard to spot, shark’s teeth.

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