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Hop over to the Viera Community Center to meet some of our adoptable buns and learn about what it takes to add a house bunny to your family, become a foster, or train your bunny!

Meet our bunnies and build your bunny knowledge.

Info Talks:
12:45pm – Bunny basics: housing, feeding, and care
1:00pm – Bunny behavior: litter training, coming when called, interacting
1:30pm – Bunny fostering – helping buns in need
2:00pm – Bunny bonding: finding a friend for your bunny
2:30pm – Bunny advocacy: helping the efforts to protect buns

Rabbits make great companions, just like cats and dogs. They are easily litter trained as well. We adopt to indoor homes only.

It’s important to remember that rabbits are a 10 year commitment. Kids WILL lose interest, and buns are not a good fit for small children. But if you’d like to learn more about them, stop by and chat!
Have a fixed bun who’s looking for a friend? Let us know so we can set up a bunny speed date during the event.
If you think you’re ready to bring a bun home, please bring a video of your set up (video home visit). We recommend a puppy pen. They need at least 12 sq ft of space. Cages and hutches are not adequate.

***Adopters will need to have a brief interview and be approved before taking a bun home. ***

Adoption fee: $100 (for the spay/neuter cost)

BOGO buns! Adoption fee waived for one if you adopt a bonded pair. Bunnies are happier with a friend so we highly recommend adopting a pair!

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